Using the Get Volume API tip previously posted will return the names of the drives connected to your machine. Unfortunately for network drives this returns the name of the physical drive not the name of the share you have mapped to. If you have many shares mapped to a single physical network drive you will not be able to distinguish between the drives.

To improve this situation you can use an API call to return the name of the network share. This is more meaningful and easier for the user. The API call you will need to use is WNetGetConnectionA. To use the API call declare the local external function as follows:

function ulong WNetGetConnectionA( string szLocalPath, &
ref string szNameBuffer, ref ulong lpBufferSize) Library "mpr.dll"

Then in your script you can call the API as follows:
Ulong lul_Max
Long ll_RC
String ls_Drive, ls_Volume

// hard coded for the f: drive
ls_Drive = 'f:'
lul_Max = 2000

// pre allocate string to stop GPF
ls_Volume = Space( 2000 )

// call the API function, the share name
// will be in the ls_Volume variable
ll_RC = WNetGetConnectionA( ls_Drive, ls_Volume, lul_Max )
ls_Volume = Trim( ls_Volume )