Retrieve an environment variable

ContextKeyword lcxk_base
string ls_Path
string ls_values[]

this.GetContextService("Keyword", lcxk_base)
lcxk_base.GetContextKeywords("path", ls_values)
IF Upperbound(ls_values) > 0 THEN
ls_Path = ls_values[1]
ls_Path = "*UNDEFINED*"

Common XP environment variables:

ALLUSERSPROFILE location of the All Users Profile.
APPDATA location where applications store data by default.
CD current directory string.
CLIENTNAME client's NETBIOS name when connected to terminal server session.
CMDCMDLINE command line used to start the current cmd.exe.
CMDEXTVERSION version number of the current Command Processor Extensions.
CommonProgramFiles path to the Common Files folder.
COMPUTERNAME name of the computer.
COMSPEC path to the command shell executable.
DATE current date.
ERRORLEVEL error code of the most recently used command.
HOMEDRIVE drive letter is connected to the user's home directory.
HOMEPATH full path of the user's home directory.
HOMESHARE network path to the user's shared home directory.
LOGONSEVER name of the domain controller that validated the current logon session.
NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS number of processors installed on the computer.
OS name of the operating system.
(Windows XP and Windows 2000 list the operating system as Windows_NT.)
Path search path for executable files.
PATHEXT file extensions that the operating system considers to be executable.
PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE processor's chip architecture.
PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER description of the processor.
PROCESSOR_LEVEL model number of the computer's processor.
PROCESSOR_REVISION revision number of the processor.
ProgramFiles path to the Program Files folder.
PROMPT command-prompt settings for the current interpreter.
RANDOM random decimal number between 0 and 32767.
SESSIONNAME connection and session names when connected to terminal server session.
SYSTEMDRIVE drive containing the Windows root directory.
SYSTEMROOT location of the Windows root directory.
TEMP and TMP default temporary directories for applications that are available to
users who are currently logged on.
TIME current time.
USERDOMAIN name of the domain that contains the user's account.
USERNAME name of the user currently logged on.
USERPROFILE location of the profile for the current user.
WINDIR location of the OS directory.